Lonau (river)

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Location north of Herzberg am Harz in Osterode am Harz in Lower Saxony,  Germany
Length ca. 3.5 kmdep1
Confluence of the Großer and Kleiner Lonau in Lonau
51°41′24″N 10°21′33″E / 51.690028°N 10.359028°E / 51.690028; 10.359028Coordinates: 51°41′24″N 10°21′33″E / 51.690028°N 10.359028°E / 51.690028; 10.359028
Source height unter 340 m
Mouth Sieber
51°39′43″N 10°20′50″E / 51.661806°N 10.34722°E / 51.661806; 10.34722
Mouth height unter 260 m
Descent ca. 80 m
Basin SieberOderRhumeLeineAllerWeser
Catchment ca. 14 km²dep1
Small towns Herzberg am Harz

The Lonau is a roughly 3.5 km long (from Lonau) tributary of the Sieber. It starts in Lonau, formed by the confluence of the Große and Kleine Lonau. It then flows in a southerly (intermittently in a south-southwesterly) direction to Herzberg am Harz, where it discharges into the Sieber after the Lonau Waterfall.