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Batman episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 105-107
Directed byOscar Rudolph
Written byTeleplay by Elkan Allan and Charles Hoffman, based on a story by Elkan Allan
Original air dateNovember 23, 1967
November 30, 1967
December 7, 1967
Guest appearance(s)

Special Guest Villain: Rudy Vallée as Lord Marmaduke Ffogg
Extra Special Guest Villainess: Glynis Johns as Lady Penelope Peasoup

Episode chronology
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"Surf's Up! Joker's Under!"
Next →
"The Foggiest Notion"

The three-part Londinium episode during Batman's third[1] and final season ("The Londinium Larcenies",[2] "The Foggiest Notion",[3] and "The Bloody Tower"[4]) was the series' tribute to the Swinging London period of the 1960s. At the time of the show, everything British was "hot" in North America. Many aspects of London were parodied during the three episodes. The city's name is changed to Londinium, which was the name of an important trading and administrative centre of Roman Britannia, which was slightly smaller than the City of London where the modern British capital is now situated. Scotland Yard becomes "Ireland Yard" in the series. Carnaby Street becomes "Barnaby Street". Fleet Street, the city's press district, is changed to "Bleet Street". The prime minister is called the first minister. There is a jokey reference to The Beatles when Bruce Wayne refers to a drum-playing Dick Grayson as "Ringo".

This is the third and final three-part episode of the series.

Tourist information[edit]


  • Chuckingham Palace — The spectacular home of their beloved Queen.
  • Ireland Yard — Always referred to as Venerable Ireland Yard by those who respect the law, this is the headquarters of Londinium's police force.
  • Easterland House — The home of Lady Easterland, where she keeps her priceless jeweled Russian Easter eggs.
  • Tower of Londinium — A place where the famous Crown Jewels are kept behind bars and under the guard of two beefeaters.
  • Barnaby Street — A famous area for shopping in Londinium's downtown. Unfortunately for some old duffers, it is now mostly overrun by the mod set.
  • The Three Bells — A well-known pub on Barnaby Street, in the dock area. Usually filled with a peculiar mix of hippies and cut-throats. (Possibly a nod to the Three Mills.)
  • Chez Shakespeare — A place of business on Barnaby Street.
  • The Tower Bridge — One end is anchored in the Tower of Londinium, which houses the world's largest winch, needed to lift the bridge for naval traffic.
  • The Londinium House — A fashionable hotel.


When Batman and Robin were asked to investigate a series of daring robberies in Londinium, they knew it would be dangerous fighting the master criminal, Lord Ffogg on his own turf, so the Dynamic Duo decided that they had to even the odds. They loaded the Batmobile and lots of crime-fighting equipment from the Gotham City Batcave[5] into a container and onto their steamship. When they arrived at the Londinium country manor house that Bruce Wayne had rented, Alfred quickly set up all the equipment in the secret dungeon underneath, and it became known as the Londinium Batcave. This new Batcave even had a handy isolated exit that led directly to the Queen's Highway.


  • Superintendent Watson – Watson is the head of Ireland Yard, who requested Batman's aid through the "First Minister" (a fictional name for the Prime Minister). Watson's office is strikingly similar to that of Commissioner Gordon's, both in layout and decor.
  • Cuthbert – Alfred Pennyworth's second cousin, who works as a cab driver.
  • Lady Easterland – One of Londinium's upper class. She was one of the first victims of Londinium's recent crime spree.
  • Count of Claremont – The owner of a famous coin collection that was stolen by Lord Ffogg.
  • Duchess of Desborough – Another victim of Lord Ffogg, she was robbed of some diamonds.

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