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Area served
United Kingdom
ParentBooker Group owned by Tesco

Londis is a chain of convenience shop franchises operating in the United Kingdom. The stores form a symbol group and are all owned on a franchise basis. As of December 2014, the company had an estimated net worth of £79 million.[1] Since May 2015, the company has been owned by Booker Group, which purchased Londis and its sister company Budgens from the Musgrave Group for £40 million.[2] Booker Group is a subsidiary of Tesco plc.


A Londis in London in 2007

Londis was established in Great Britain in 1959 by Kevin Stanley Adams as a communally owned company, with each retailer owning a share in the parent company. The name Londis was a contraction of "London District Stores".[3] However, in June 2004, the parent company was sold to the Irish Musgrave wholesale chain with a payment of £31,000 being made to each retailer who owned a stake,[4] bringing it under the same ownership as Budgens, which has now adopted a similar franchise based business model.


This acquisition proved controversial,[5][6] with the CEO of Musgrave in the United Kingdom, Eoin McGettigan, steering through the choppy waters of member revolts and counter offers from others backed by Icelandic banks.[7] A separate, but wholly owned subsidiary company, Musgrave Retail Partners GB Ltd. was formed to supply the stores, until it was sold to Booker Group in 2015.[8]


The current Londis retailer network is in excess of 2,200 stores and forecourt shops located throughout England, Scotland and Wales.[9] 2008 saw an increase of over 200 stores, a record yearly increase for Londis.[citation needed] There is a Londis at every Butlins, Pontins and Haven Holidays camp.[3]

Londis shops typically have a sales area of 1,100 square feet (100 m2). The stores usually open early in the morning, typically 7:30 or earlier, and stay open all day, closing late in the evening.[citation needed]

In May 2015, Londis' parent company Musgrave Group confirmed it had reached an agreement to sell Budgens and Londis for £40 million to the wholesaler Booker Group, subject to regulatory approval.[2]

Londis is the trading name of Booker Retail Partners (GB) Ltd with a registered office address in Wellingborough.


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