London Betty

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London Betty
Directed by Thomas Edward Seymour
Produced by Mike Aransky
Robert Cosgrove Jr.
Sheri Lynn
Written by Thomas Edward Seymour
Starring Clint Howard
Daniel von Bargen
Thomas Edward Seymour
Russ Russo
Nicole Lewis
Narrated by Clint Howard
Cinematography Mike Anderson
Distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group
Release date
January 20, 2009 (2009-01-20)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United States
Language English

London Betty is a 2009 American comedy/adventure film directed and written by Thomas Edward Seymour. The film includes performances by Nicole Lewis, Daniel von Bargen (in his final performance), Russ Russo, and director Seymour, as well as narration by Clint Howard. London Betty made the list of "Top Films of the Year" on in 2009. Originally having a theatrical release in 2009, the film was released on DVD in 2010 through Maverick Entertainment on their Platinum Label. In May 2011 London Betty hit the #3 spot for British comedy on Amazon on Demand.



London Betty (Nicole Lewis) is the plucky British journalist who gets a newspaper job in the small American town of Pharisee. But trying to get an audience with her elusive, agoraphobic publisher Maury (Daniel von Bargen) is only part of her problem. Her first story requires the toppling of the corrupt and perverted administration run by Mayor Plumb (Dick Boland) and his band of off-kilter hoodlums. However, Betty has unlikely allies to help her bring down the mayor: a pair of petty thieves, Volga (Russ Russo) and Billy (Thomas Edward Seymour), a golden-hearted prostitute Jess (Margaret Rose Champagne) and a transvestite ex-Marine hitman, Sgt. Stone (Phil Hall).[1]

Partial cast[edit]


Awards & recognition[edit]

  • Won Best Connecticut film at the Silk City Film Festival
  • Won Best Feature Film at the Accolade Film Festival 2008
  • Won the Underground Spirit Award at the New Haven Underground Film Festival
  • Best Actress nomination Nicole Lewis: Hoboken International Film Festival 2009
  • Best Dramedy Nomination: Bare Bones International Film Festival 2009
  • Honoree: Director’s Showcase, New York B-Movie Film Festival 2008
  • Official Selection: Audience Choice Awards 2009
  • Official Selection: Connecticut Film Festival 2009


London Betty became available on DVD February 2, 2010 in the United States.[2]


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