London Bioscience Innovation Centre

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LBIC, London Bioscience Innovation Centre
London Bioscience Innovation Centre is located in London Borough of Camden
London Bioscience Innovation Centre
General information
Type Biotech Laboratory & Office Facilities
Location London, United Kingdom
Address 2 Royal College Street
Coordinates 51°32′9.852″N 0°8′0.23644″W / 51.53607000°N 0.1333990111°W / 51.53607000; -0.1333990111
Affiliation Royal Veterinary College

LBIC, the London BioScience Innovation Centre is a hub providing laboratory and office facilities for biotech start-up companies based in Central London.

LBIC, the 'London BioScience Innovation Centre' is a hub providing laboratory and office facilities for biotech start-up companies based in Central London.


LBIC, the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, was created in 2000 as a response to the shortage of accommodation for life sciences activity in Central London.[1] It received funding from the London Development Agency to fulfil its objective of developing a commercial life sciences cluster in London.[2] LBIC is owned by the Royal Veterinary College and is housed at its campus in Camden.[3] Its close relationship and proximity with the Royal Veterinary College facilitate research collaborations.

Companies Located at LBIC (Past & Present)[edit]

LBIC houses a range of companies. The client list since 2000 includes:

Biotechnology/Biomedicine Companies

  • Abzena (formerly PolyTherics)
  • Alkol Biotech
  • Altimmune
  • APCure
  • AQIX
  • Beta Analytic Inc. (BETA)
  • Biocaldol
  • Canbex Therapeutics
  • CRT Discovery Laboratories
  • Champtions Oncology UK Ltd
  • deltaDOT Ltd.
  • Domainex
  • FeedAlgae
  • GATC Biotech
  • Genesis Genetics
  • hVivo (formerly Retroscreen Virology)
  • iQur
  • Microsens Biotech
  • Mucokinetica Ltd
  • Oxford Pharmascience
  • Poiesis Therapeutics
  • Proxima Concepts
  • ReCellerate
  • SEEK (formerly PepTcell)
  • Sosei
  • Synthace
  • Tecrea Ltd
  • UniBio
  • Vasgen Ltd
  • Zorion Medical

Consultancy Services

Product Supplier

  • Aglaris
  • Brain e-Games
  • ETT s.r.l
  • Fabrican
  • Lab Merchant
  • Memometal
  • MicroBioChips
  • Patricell Ltd.
  • PCR Biosystems
  • Px Healthcare
  • VetCell Ltd

Contract Research

  • Bio-Analysis Centre
  • BioRadar UK Ltd
  • Cerebricon Ltd
  • Global Eye Trials
  • Ixico Ltd
  • Leads to Development (L2D)
  • Novamass Analytical Ltd