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Arriva Kent Thameside bus 3996 (GN07 DMV), 11 May 2013.jpg
OperatorLondon Central
GarageMorden Wharf(MG)
StartQueen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup
Length9 miles (14 km)

London Buses route 286 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup and Greenwich, it is operated by London Central.


Route 286 commenced operating on 21 June 1986 between Eltham and Greenwich via Blackheath replacing part of route 108.

Upon being put up for tender, route 286 passed to Transcity on 11 July 1992. The route was included in 28 October 1993 of Transcity to Kentish Bus, which in turn was sold in July 1994 to the Cowie Group, with the route later becoming part of the Arriva Kent Thameside business.[1][2][3]

On 24 January 1998, the route was extended from Etham to Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup. Upon being re-tendered, the route was retained by Arriva Kent Thameside with a new contract commencing on 15 July 2000. Arriva Kent Thameside successfully tendered to retain the route with a new contract commencing in July 2007.[4] When next tendered, the route passed to London Central's New Cross garage on 12 July 2014.[5][6] On 29th July 2017, the route transferred to London Central's Morden Wharf(MG) garage.

Current route[edit]


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