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Route 411 at the terminus - - 3109686.jpg
Quality Line Optare Versa on Route 411 at the West Molesey terminus.
Operator Quality Line
Garage Epsom (EP)
Vehicle Optare Versa
Predecessors Route 131
Start Kingston
Via Hampton Court
End West Molesey
Length 5 miles (8.0 km)
Level Daily

London Buses route 411 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Kingston and West Molesey, it is operated by Quality Line.


Route 411 commenced operating on 29 October 1994 between Kingston and West Molesey replacing part of route 131. It was initially operated by Westlink. It was included in the sale of Westlink West Midlands Travel, who in turn sold the business to London United in September 1995.

On 29 June 2002, it was relocated to Hounslow Heath garage. Upon being re-tendered, it was retained by London United with a new contract commencing on 1 October 2005.[1] When next tendered, it passed to Quality Line's Epsom garage on 2 October 2010.[2]

Current route[edit]


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