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Arriva London North PDL28 X478 GGO.JPG
Operator Arriva London
Garage Ash Grove (AE)
Vehicle Alexander Dennis Enviro400 10.1m
Peak vehicle requirement 16
Night-time No Night service
Start Shoreditch
Via Aldgate
End Nunhead
Length 6 miles (9.7 km)
Level Daily
Frequency 8-12 minutes
Journey time 33-56 minutes
Operates 05:25 until 01:26

London Buses route 78 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Shoreditch and Nunhead, it is operated by Arriva London.


Route 78 originally operated from Shoreditch to Dulwich.

In December 1952, a number 78 double-decker bus was crossing Tower Bridge. At that time, the gateman would ring a warning bell and close the gates when the bridge was clear before the watchman ordered the raising of the bridge. The process failed while a relief watchman was on duty. The bus was near the edge of the south bascule when it started to rise; driver Albert Gunter made a split-second decision to accelerate the bus, clearing a six-foot drop onto the north bascule, which had not started to rise. The conductor broke his leg, and twelve of the twenty passengers aboard received minor injuries. The driver was later rewarded with a £10 bonus.[1]

On 13 August 1988 it was extended from Dulwich Hill to Forest Hill partly replacing route 12. Upon being tendered, on 10 November 1990 it passed to London & Country. On 13 March 1994 it was withdrawn between Peckham Rye and Forest Hill. On 28 June 1997 it was transferred to fellow Cowie Group company Kentish Bus, then on 31 January 1998 to Grey-Green and finally on 27 March 1999 to Arriva London.

On 20 May 2000 it was extended from Peckham Rye to Nunhead.[2] On 16 October 2010 it moved to Ash Grove garage. Arriva London successfully tendered to retain the route from 13 November 2010 with Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 double deckers introduced on 17 April 2011.[3]

Current route[edit]

Route 78 operates via these primary locations:[4]


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