London Circuit

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London Circuit
Australian Capital Territory
Looking northeast on London Circuit.jpg
Looking northeast on London Circuit
General information
Type Road
Location Canberra
Length 1.86 km (1.2 mi)
Opened 1930s
Ring road around City Hill
Tourist routes
Major suburbs Civic (CBD)

London Circuit is a road in Canberra, Australia, which surrounds City Hill in Civic, the city centre. It has a hexagonal shape, and intersects with several main roads such as Northbourne Avenue (35°16′48″S 149°07′44″E / 35.28°S 149.129°E / -35.28; 149.129 (London Circuit at Northbourne Avenue)), Edinburgh Avenue (35°16′59″S 149°07′34″E / 35.283°S 149.126°E / -35.283; 149.126 (London Circuit at Edinburgh Avenue)), Akuna Street (35°16′55″S 149°07′55″E / 35.282°S 149.132°E / -35.282; 149.132 (London Circuit at Akuna Street)), Constitution Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue (35°17′02″S 149°07′41″E / 35.284°S 149.128°E / -35.284; 149.128 (London Circuit at Commonwealth Avenue)).

Several important buildings are located on London Circuit. These include the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, the Supreme Court, the ACT Magistrates Court, the historic Sydney and Melbourne Buildings, the Canberra Theatre and the Hotel Rydges.

London Circuit looking west towards Black Mountain with the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings on the right, office buildings in the distance, and Telstra Tower visible on Black Mountain

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