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The London Clinic is a private healthcare organisation based in central London. Although it maintains several consulting rooms in the traditional doctors' street of Harley Street, the main hospital site is on the corner of Devonshire Place and the Marylebone Road. One of its main buildings is the cancer centre, which provides diagnosis and treatment for all types of cancer. In addition The London Clinic Radiotherapy Department has developed state-of-the-art treatments with cyberknife and image-guided radiotherapy under its Director Professor Christopher Nutting.

The London Clinic was established in 1932 by a group of Harley Street doctors.[1]

The London Clinic is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. In 2006 it had a gross income of £75million,[2] making it one of the 100 largest charities in the UK.[3]

The London Clinic is not currently surveyed and accredited by a recognised holistic international healthcare accreditation scheme.[4]

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