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London Drugs Limited
Industry Retail
Founded 1945
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia
Area served
British Columbia
Products Electronics, grocery, pharmaceuticals, health/beauty, photofinishing, insurance services, furniture, toys, and housewares.
London Drugs Store 85 in Abbotsford, British Columbia
Photography section of a London Drugs Store 85 in Abbotsford, BC

London Drugs is a chain of Canadian retail stores with headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia. Its primary focus is on pharmaceuticals, electronics, housewares and cosmetics, with a limited selection of grocery items. As of June 2014, the chain had 78 stores in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.[1]


London Drugs was founded in 1945 as a small drugstore in Vancouver, British Columbia by Sam Bass. Later the store was sold to an American then back to a Canadian. In 1976 the business was acquired by the H.Y. Louie Group under the direction of President Tong Louie.[2][3]


A private company, London Drugs management consists of Chairman Brandt C. Louie, former President and CEO Wynne Powell who has stepped down after 32 years with the company,[4][5] CFO Laird Miller, and Vice President of Retail Operations and Distribution Clint Mahlman.[6] It is entirely Canadian-owned.


London Drugs markets its own brand of products and services under the following labels.

Name Type of Product
London Drugs Health Products, Furniture, Home ware, Food
London Naturals Vitamins and Medicines
London Home Furniture, Dinnerware
Certified Data[7] Computers
London Premiere Cosmetic Products
London Plantation Nuts
LD Insurance[8] Insurance Services
London Spa[9] Spa Services
CustomWorks[10] Entertainment System Installation


Of the chain's 78 stores, 51 are located in British Columbia, most in Greater Vancouver. In Alberta there are 22 stores, including seven in the Edmonton Capital Region, eight in the Calgary Region, and four in other communities. In Saskatchewan, 2 in Regina, 2 in Saskatoon and 1 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


In 2014, a member of London Drugs staff falsely accused Andy Fiore, an award-winning documentary filmmaker with paranoid schizophrenia, of theft; the incident led to unfavourable media coverage and threats of litigation.[11][12]


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