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London Elektricity
London Elektricity.jpg
Background information
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genres Drum and bass, liquid funk, electronica, breakbeat, acid jazz
Years active 1996–present
Labels Hospital Records
Associated acts Peter Nice Trio, Dwarf Electro, Orkestra Galactica, E.S.T., Funky N.A.S.A, Izit, Future Homosapiens, Landslide
Members Tony Colman (production, keyboards)
Past members Chris Goss (production, keyboards, guitar)
Liane Carroll (vocals, keyboards)
Jungle Drummer (drums)
Andy Waterworth (bass)
Landslide (drum pads)
Robert Owens (vocals)
Diane Charlemagne (live vocals)[1]
Stamina MC (rapping)
SP MC (rapping)
MC Wrec (rapping)

London Elektricity is the stage name of DJ and electronic musician Tony Colman, who is best known as a recording artist of six albums, international DJ and formerly a member of the drum and bass act London Elektricity Live.[2][3]


The first incarnation of London Elektricity was the duo Tony Colman and Chris Goss. Colman and Goss are also founders of the Hospital Records record label, to which London Elektricity are currently signed.[4][5]

In 1999, they released their debut album Pull the Plug on Hospital Records.[6][7] Although session musicians contributed a wide range of live instruments (double bass, electric guitar, brass section, flute, strings), and jazz singer Liane Carroll provided vocals on two tracks, the LP was essentially a studio work, under the control of producer/DJ duo Colman and Goss.[8]

In 2002, Chris Goss departed to concentrate on managing Hospital Records, leaving it a solo project of Tony Colman. The second album Billion Dollar Gravy was released in 2003. During the making of the album, the session musicians began to coalesce into a band, and Colman decided to take the band live. The line-up included Colman, Andy Waterworth, Landslide, MC Wrec, the Jungle Drummer, Liane Carroll and Robert Owens, amongst others.[9] In 2004 they released a live DVD entitled London Elektricity: Live Gravy.

2005 saw the release of their third album, Power Ballads, using the same line-up as the live band. London Elektricity announced at Pressure (the University of Warwick's drum and bass event) on 2 December 2005 that they had no plans to play live in future. They were joined on stage for the announcement by former member Chris Goss. As of 2006 Tony Colman now DJs drum and bass solo under the name of London Elektricity. Liane Carroll was awarded Best of Jazz Award at the BBC Jazz Awards 2005 and is now pursuing a successful solo jazz singing career. The band's new mixer as of 2007 is Ben Nguyen.[10]

Colman presents the Hospital Records podcast produced by Matt Riley at Hospital HQ. It generally features many releases from Hospital Records, and a wide spectrum of drum and bass from around the globe. The podcast recently won 'Best Podcast' at the BT Digital Music Awards, and has over 30,000 downloads a show.[11] The podcast regularly involves special guests who are signed to Hospital records such as Logistics.

In 2007, London Elektricity won the BBC 1Xtra Xtra Bass award for best live act despite not having played live with the band for two years.[12][13]

London Elektricity's fourth album, Syncopated City was released in September 2008.[14] The month before this marked his Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. London Elektricity's fifth album, Yikes! was released in April 2011.[15]


According to his MySpace page, Tony Colman's influences include a large array of musicians, such as Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Led Zeppelin, and others. Jazz, soul, Latin, dub, rock, and punk[16] are present in many of London Elektricity's songs, such as "Rewind", "Attack Ships on Fire", "South Eastern Dream", "Do You Believe" (and its Dub version, "Dub You Believe"), "Main Ingredient", "Remember the Future", "Round the Corner", and "Song in the Key of Knife" (featuring an Acoustic bass line).


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • 2004 – Live Gravy
  • 2006 – Live at the Scala


  • 2000 – "Round The Corner"
  • 2000 – "Round The Corner" (Landslide Remixes)
  • 2003 – "Different Drum Remixes 01"
  • 2003 – "Different Drum Remixes 02"
  • 2003 – "Different Drum Remixes 03"
  • 2005 – "Hanging Rock"
  • 2006 – "Remember the Future"
  • 2006 – "Remember the Future" (Remixes)
  • 2008 – "Attack Ships On Fire" / "South Eastern Dream"
  • 2008 – "All Hell Is Breaking Loose"
  • 2011 – "Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm" / "The Plan That Cannot Fail"
  • 2011 – "Meteorites" (Remixes) [Feat. Elsa Esmeralda] – EP


  • 2004 – Live Gravy
  • 2006 – Live at the Scala

Other genres[edit]

On albums such as Medical History and compilations such as Out Patients, London Elektricity has been known to experiment with other genres, including acid jazz and breakbeat, on songs such as "Incurable", "Round the Corner (Acid Jazz Version)", "Theme from the Land Sanction", and "The Land that Time Forgot".

Other projects[edit]

London Elektricity has created several side projects, usually released on Hospital Records and occasionally on other labels, the most notable two being acid jazz group Izit and house music group Future Homosapiens. Both Colman and Goss are also part of the Peter Nice Trio and Dwarf Electro.[18]


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