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The Award for Film of the Year is the highest honour given by the London Film Critics' Circle.[1]

List of winners[edit]

Past winners are:[2]

Year Film Director(s)
001980 (1st) Apocalypse Now Coppola, Francis FordFrancis Ford Coppola
001981 (2nd) Chariots of Fire Hudson, HughHugh Hudson
001982 (3rd) Missing Costa-Gavras
001983 (4th) The King of Comedy Scorsese, MartinMartin Scorsese
001984 (5th) Paris, Texas Wenders, WimWim Wenders
001985 (6th) The Purple Rose of Cairo Allen, WoodyWoody Allen
001986 (7th) A Room with a View Ivory, JamesJames Ivory
001987 (8th) Hope and Glory Boorman, JohnJohn Boorman
001988 (9th) House of Games Mamet, DavidDavid Mamet
001989 (10th) Distant Voices, Still Lives Davies, TerenceTerence Davies
001990 (11th) Crimes and Misdemeanors Allen, WoodyWoody Allen (2)
001991 (12th) Thelma & Louise Scott, RidleyRidley Scott
001992 (13th) Unforgiven Eastwood, ClintClint Eastwood
001993 (14th) The Piano Campion, JaneJane Campion
001994 (15th) Schindler's List Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg
001995 (16th) Babe Noonan, ChrisChris Noonan
001996 (17th) Fargo Coen, JoelJoel Coen
001997 (18th) L.A. Confidential Hanson, CurtisCurtis Hanson
001998 (19th) Saving Private Ryan Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg (2)
001999 (20th) American Beauty Mendes, SamSam Mendes
002000 (21st) Being John Malkovich Jonze, SpikeSpike Jonze
002001 (22nd) Moulin Rouge! Luhrmann, BazBaz Luhrmann
002002 (23rd) About Schmidt Payne, AlexanderAlexander Payne
002003 (24th) Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Weir, PeterPeter Weir
002004 (25th) Sideways Payne, AlexanderAlexander Payne (2)
002005 (26th) Brokeback Mountain Lee, AngAng Lee
002006 (27th) United 93 Greengrass, PaulPaul Greengrass
002007 (28th) No Country for Old Men Coen, Joel and EthanJoel and Ethan Coen (2)
002008 (29th) The Wrestler Aronofsky, DarrenDarren Aronofsky
002009 (30th) A Prophet Audiard, JacquesJacques Audiard
002010 (31st) The Social Network Fincher, DavidDavid Fincher
002011 (32nd) The Artist Hazanavicius, MichelMichel Hazanavicius
002012 (33rd) Amour Haneke, MichaelMichael Haneke
002013 (34th) 12 Years a Slave McQueen, SteveSteve McQueen
002014 (35th) Boyhood Linklater, RichardRichard Linklater
002015 (36th) Mad Max: Fury Road Miller, GeorgeGeorge Miller
002016 (37th) La La Land Chazelle, DamienDamien Chazelle
002017 (38th) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri McDonagh, MartinMartin McDonagh

Multiple winning directors[edit]

The following directors have directed multiple award-winning films:


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