London Film Critics' Circle Award for Actor of the Year

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The London Film Critics Circle Award for Actor of the Year in an annual award given by the London Film Critics Circle.



Year Winner Film Role
1990 Philippe Noiret Cinema Paradiso Alfredo
1991 Gérard Depardieu Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac
1992 Robert Downey Jr. Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
1993 Anthony Hopkins The Remains of the Day Mr. James Stevens
1994 John Travolta Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega
1995 Johnny Depp Ed Wood, Don Juan DeMarco Edward D. Wood, Jr., Don Juan/John R. DeMarco
1996 Morgan Freeman Seven Detective Lieutenant William Somerset
1997 Geoffrey Rush Shine David Helfgott
1998 Jack Nicholson As Good as It Gets Melvin Udall
1999 Kevin Spacey American Beauty Lester Burnham


Year Winner Film Role
2000 Russell Crowe Gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius
2001 Billy Bob Thornton The Man Who Wasn't There Ed Crane
2002 Michael Caine The Quiet American Thomas Fowler
2003 Sean Penn Mystic River Jimmy Markum
2004 Jamie Foxx Ray Ray Charles
2005 Bruno Ganz Downfall (Der Untergang) Adolf Hitler
2006 Forest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland Idi Amin
2007 Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood Daniel Plainview
2008 Mickey Rourke The Wrestler Randy Robinson
2009 Christoph Waltz Inglourious Basterds Col. Hans Landa


Year Winner Film Role
2010 Colin Firth The King's Speech George VI
2011 Jean Dujardin The Artist George Valentin
2012 Joaquin Phoenix The Master Freddie Quell
2013 Chiwetel Ejiofor 12 Years a Slave Solomon Northup
2014 Michael Keaton Birdman Riggan Thomson
2015 Tom Courtenay 45 Years Geoff Mercer
2016 Casey Affleck Manchester by the Sea Lee Chandler
2017 Timothée Chalamet Call Me by Your Name Elio Perlman
2018 Ethan Hawke First Reformed Reverend Ernst Toller