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London Internet Providers EXchange
Founded 2001
Location London, United Kingdom
Peak 40 Mbit/s (March 2009)
Telehouse Docklands, one of the LIPEX POPs.

LIPEX has now closed down and is no longer active.[1]

The London Internet Providers EXchange ("LIPEX") is an Internet Exchange Point situated in London. It was founded in 2001 by three directors of commercial Internet Service Providers: Panny Malialis of Hotlinks, Chris Smith of The Communication Gateway Ltd and Boyan Marinkovich of Routo Telecom Ltd as a free of charge Internet Exchange Point sponsored by Allied Telesyn. In 2002 Panny Malialis took over sole running of LIPEX and changed it into a commercial business.

Lipex currently offers services in 6 POPS:

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