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London Irish Literary Travel (LILT) was founded by Brian O'Shea and Sean Donlon in 1998.[1] Lilt organises trips and excursions to places associated with Irish writers in Great Britain, Ireland and France and currently have one publication running; "The Paris of Joyce and Beckett. A Tourist Guide"

This guide to Paris consists of nine itineraries around the city in the footsteps of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. The itineraries are based on imaginary scenarios concerning Joyce and Beckett at different points in their lives, from when Joyce came to Paris with his family in 1920, 1920–41,[2] to 1953 when Beckett's En Attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot) was first performed. This guide is not a critique of their work or ideas, but rather a light-hearted, although sometimes serious, wandering through the city in which they lived so much of their lives and which still remains much as it was in their day. This guide has been reviewed by the Independent on Sunday Newspaper, The Irish Post and Books Ireland.


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