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Established in 2006, The London Jewish Forum (LJF) is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish life in London.[1] The Forum provides a platform for engagement between London Jewry and the Greater London Authority, Mayor's Office, London Boroughs and MPs / MEPs.

Aims and organisation[edit]

It works to promote the full and active engagement of the Jewish community with civic life in London. The LJF works to oppose anti-semitism, racism and all forms of discrimination in London. The LJF works with all parts of the Jewish community regardless of religious; cultural or political affiliations or beliefs.

The London Jewish Forum has five key platforms: Housing, Citizenship, Community Relations, Sports & Culture and Youth & Students. The Chair of London Jewish Forum is Adrian Cohen[2] and appointed Joe Vinson as its Director in October 2015.[3]

The Forum has broad Jewish representation on it and is the only cross-communal body to include all elements of the Jewish community in London.[citation needed] The Forum includes leading members of the Jewish community from a variety of organisations. The Chief Executives of the Jewish Leadership Council, Board of Deputies, Jewish Museum Interlink and the Jewish Community Centre are on their board along with senior lay leaders.

Relationship with the Mayor[edit]

The Forum was set up in 2006 by leading members of the Jewish community [4] to engage with London Government after the rift between the Jewish Community and Mayor Ken Livingstone over comments he made to a Jewish reporter. Livingstone apologised at the launch of the London Jewish Forum in December 2006.[5] The London Jewish Forum is apolitical and hosted London separate mayoral breakfasts for community leaders and each of the main candidates in the 2008 election including the eventual winner, Boris Johnson.[6] Boris Johnson commended the London Jewish Forum for its work on housing in the capital.[7]

Housing issues[edit]

The London Jewish Forum has been working with City Hall and the London Development Authority in City Hall to ensure future housing provision for London’s strictly orthodox community. Mayor Boris Johnson publicly recognised the work London Jewish Forum in trying to resolve "the increasing desperate housing situation for the Charedi community in London".[8]

London 2012[edit]

The London Jewish Forum is working with other major Jewish organisations to develop community engagement with the Olympic Games Jewish schools and their communities in meeting Jewish Olympians; the development of welfare, culture and religious services for Jewish athletes in the Olympic Village; a London 2012 Jewish website for visitors to the Games; the long-term legacy for the Jewish community within the five Olympic Boroughs and utilising sports to bring groups together and celebrate the cultural diversity of the city.[9]


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