Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift

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London Millennium Funicular to the east (right) of the Millennium Bridge.
Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift

The London Millennium Funicular is a incline elevator located in the City of London next to the northern end of the Millennium Bridge. It is also known as the Millennium Inclinator,[1] the Millennium Bridge Inclinator[2] and the Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift.[a][3][4] It was opened in December 2003 to allow pedestrians to surmount the steep slope (13.6°) of Peter's Hill from the riverside to the entrance to the Millennium Bridge without using the alternative flight of steps.[5][6]


Millennium Bridge

The lower end of the funicular railway is located on Paul's Walk next to the Thames and the top end is located 26.85 metres (29.36 yd) further up Peter's Hill on the terrace which is level with the deck of the Millennium Bridge.[5][6] It was primarily installed for use by those who cannot easily manage the steep steps, such as people with disabilities and parents with push chairs.[7]


The railway car was powered by an electric traction engine, manufactured in Italy by Maspero Elevatori, with a speed of 0.5 metres per second (1.6 ft/s) and a maximum capacity of 0.7 metric tons (0.77 short tons; 0.69 long tons).[5][6] However, by 2010 the City of London Planning and Transportation Committee decided that the level of service was unacceptable, because the Millennium Funicular was frequently out of service due to mechanical breakdowns and vandalism. So the Committee agreed it would be replaced at a cost of up to £750,000 in time for the 2012 Summer Paralympics.[7]

A major renovation project was undertaken in 2012, and the funicular was reopened in time to be used by people attending the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant of 3 June 2012 (which took place about a month before the Olympic Games). The new funicular was manufactured by the company Hütter Aufzüge of Glinde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, a lift producer which was taken over by the Otis Elevator Company in 2013.[8]. Installation was done by Axis Elevators.[3]


  1. ^ As the Millennium Funicular has only one car, it is also classified as a special version of the funicular called an inclined lift or inclined elevator (IanVisits 2010).

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