London Pride (beer)

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London Pride
London Pride - premium ale.JPG
A bottle of London Pride
Type Beer
Manufacturer Fuller's Brewery
Country of origin UK
Introduced 1959
Alcohol by volume 4.1% (cask and keg)
4.7% (bottled)
Colour Deep golden amber
Flavour Malty sweet, with a clean bitterness. Toffee, biscuit notes with a zesty character.
Related products Fuller's ESB, Chiswick Bitter, Honey Dew, Frontier

London Pride is the flagship beer of Fuller's Brewery. It is the UK's best-selling cask-conditioned ale, and is also sold worldwide in bottled form.

London Pride has been brewed beside the River Thames at the Griffin Brewery since the 1950s.


London Pride takes its name from a common name for the Saxifraga × urbium flower, in use by the nineteenth century.[1] The flower provided shoots of recovery on the bombed sites left by the London Blitz of the early 1940s, and as such held symbolism for Londoners, celebrated in a patriotic song written in 1941 by Noël Coward.[2]


London Pride was named Champion Beer of Britain in the Best Bitter Class at the CAMRA awards in 1979 and 1995.[3]


London Pride is known for its balance of malt and hops, giving rise to a well-rounded flavour. It is brewed with Pale malt, plus Target, Challenger and Northdown hops. In the UK, draught London Pride is brewed to 4.1% ABV (cask and keg), while in bottles and cans it has a strength of 4.7% ABV. Internationally, a keg version is often available at 4.7% ABV.[citation needed] In February 2017, Fuller's launched London Pride Unfiltered - an unfiltered variant of London Pride, which is brewed using the original recipe, then dry hopped with Target Hops and centrifuged but not filtered or pasteurised.[4]


The London Pride brand has been promoted with the slogan "Made of London".[5] The brand has a social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with social-first campaigns such as "Tweet At 12",[6] "Empty Pint"[7] and "Drop Of Pride". London Pride sponsors initiatives and events including an annual 10 kilometre walk in aid of Cancer Research UK. Since 2007, it has been the official beer of the London Marathon.[8] London Pride partnered with weatherman Michael Fish to offer Twitter followers a free pint each time it rained in London in February 2017. The campaign was called #Whenitrainsitpours.[9]


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