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London Trams
Trams roundel.svg
PurposeOversees Tramlink and future tram projects
Region served
Greater London, England
Parent organisation
Transport for London

London Trams refers to the arm of Transport for London (TfL) that manages Tramlink and future tram projects in Greater London, England.

Croydon Tramlink[edit]

Tram 2558 at East Croydon in 2013.

The current tram system has been in operation since May 2000, although a service ran along the A23 until 1951.[1]

Croydon Tramlink has 39 stops along 27 kilometres (17 mi) of track.[2] The system currently has twenty three 'Flexity Swift' trams and twelve Stadler Variobahn trams in operation.

The system's tracks follow three main spurs to Beckenham Junction, Wimbledon and Addington, and include a one-way loop around Croydon town centre where the trams arrive roughly every one to six minutes.[3]

Other tramways[edit]

Cross River Tram, a proposed north-south tramway in Central London, was cancelled for lack of funding in 2008.

The City Tram scheme was proposed by the City of London, linking Battersea and Hackney via Elephant and Castle and the City, but has not appeared in TfL's transport plans since.[4]

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