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1986 Stock
Red prototype at South Ealing tube station
In service 1988/89
Manufacturer Metro-Cammell
British Rail Engineering Limited
Built at Washwood Heath
Derby Litchurch Lane Works
Constructed 1986/87
Number built 12 carriages
Line(s) served Jubilee
Electric system(s) Brown-Boveri
Brush Traction
GEC Traction
Stock type Deep-level tube
Underground sign at Westminster.jpg London transport portal

The London Underground 1986 Tube Stock consisted of three prototype electric multiple units built for London Underground that led to the development of the 1992 Stock.


In 1984, London Transport ordered three different prototype trains to test new materials, construction methods and seating layouts.[1] Two were built by Metro-Cammell at its Washwood Heath factory, and the third by British Rail Engineering Limited at its Derby Litchurch Lane Works.[2][3]

Each train consisted of two two-carriage motored cars, with one having a cab. All were built to the same design and were able to operate in four, six and eight car formations, despite each having different electrical equipment. The first was delivered in October 1986.[4] To make their identification easier the prototypes were distinctively and individually coloured - red, blue and green.[2]

After an extensive testing program on the deep level tube lines, they spasmodically operated in passenger service on the Jubilee line between May 1988 and August 1989 in six-carriage formations. After being stored for seven years, all bar green driving motor no.16 were scrapped in 1996. The latter was stored at Ash Grove bus garage before moving to the London Transport Museum's Acton depot.[2]

The public consultation results show that the blue prototype was the favoured, and provided the core design basis for the 1992 Stock that was built for London Underground's Central line and Network SouthEast's Waterloo & City line.[3]

Set Manufacturer Electrical system Carriage numbers
Red Metro-Cammell GEC Traction 11-21-22-12
Blue British Rail Engineering Limited Brush Traction 13-23-24-14
Green Metro-Cammell Brown-Boveri 15-25-26-16



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External links[edit]

  • [1] A short video of these trains in public service has been placed on YouTube.
  • [2] A second video showing the blue and green cars in service on the Aldwych branch, March 1989 on YouTube.