London Underground E Stock

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E Stock
In service 1914–1958
Manufacturer GRC&W
Car length 49 ft (14.94 m)
Width 8 ft 9 12 in (2.68 m)
Height 12 ft 3 14 in (3.74 m)
Weight 33.16 long tons (33.69 t; 37.14 short tons)
Seating 48
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The London Underground E Stock were steel-bodied cars built for the London Underground in 1914 by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company.

Thirty cars were built, twenty-six driving motor cars and four trailers. The E stock was based on the earlier C Stock and D Stock but differed in that the roof was elliptical rather than the clerestory roof of the C Stock and D Stock.

In the 1940s the C, D and E stocks were reclassified as "H Stock" (signifying hand-operated doors), along with other pre-1938 District Line rolling stock that had not been converted to have air-operated doors. The H Stock was largely eliminated by the early 1950s, following replacement by R Stock. The remaining cars were largely confined to the Olympia shuttle service. The last example was withdrawn in 1958; no E Stock car has been preserved.

They were generally similar in appearance to the B Stock, except that the E Stock had an elliptical roof.