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Amora London was a European touring exhibition dedicated to love, relationships and sexual wellbeing.[citation needed]

Covering nine zones, London Amora London was the world's first visitor attraction dedicated to these themes.[citation needed] The first city toured was London in England, where Amora ran for 15 months starting April 2007 and was located near Piccadilly Circus in Coventry Street, central London.[1]

Media reports in the United Kingdom ranging from the BBC in which Amora was titled "Let's Talk Sex In The City" (in reference to the HBO series Sex and the City)[2] to the much more extroverted reporting of The Sun whose report includes full colour photographs; and in its online version a video of some of the interactive animatronic exhibits.[3]

International art dealer of DCA Fine Art, Delia Cabral, was heavily involved in the production of this exhibition.


Tracey Cox, a sex and relationship expert, said, "You can walk in to that place knowing nothing about relationships or sex and come out pretty much knowing everything there is to know, and able to go and have a very satisfying relationship."[4]

Sarah Brewer[who?] said: "The British have been very reserved about sex but are now more open than they have ever been."[2]

Sex therapist Anne Hooper said: "Amora draws you in and make you feel as though you’ve been able to learn something intimate and exciting about yourself. Human beings love finding out more about their nature."[citation needed]

Kevan Wylie, General Secretary of the European Federation of Sexology commented: "I am pleased to support the launch of Amora. Anything that helps people to have the confidence to share ideas, desires and wishes with their partners must be welcomed and encouraged.[5]


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