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The term London Derbies refers to the various football local derbies between the teams in London, England. It specifically refers to individual matches between the teams, but can also be used to describe the general ongoing rivalry between the clubs and fans.

Clubs in London[edit]

As of 2015–16, there are fourteen clubs in the Premier League and Football League that play in the Greater London area, which are as follows:

Division Club(s)
Premier League Arsenal; Chelsea; Crystal Palace; Tottenham Hotspur; West Ham United.
Football League Championship Brentford; Charlton Athletic; Fulham; Queens Park Rangers.
Football League One Millwall.
Football League Two AFC Wimbledon; Barnet; Dagenham & Redbridge; Leyton Orient.

Former Football League clubs based in London include Thames and Wimbledon.

Major London derbies[edit]

Some of the most heated rivalries are between clubs that are geographically close together, including:

  • North London derby – between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. A rivalry has existed since Arsenal's move to the Highbury area of North London in 1913, and especially since Arsenal's promotion to the First Division in 1919. It is perhaps the most hotly contested of all London derbies, with the two clubs located just 4 miles (6.4 km) away from each other in neighbouring boroughs The two clubs are also the 2 most successful London clubs (based on trophies won) adding to the scale and bitterness of the derby. Previously, North London's 'second derby' was Barnet v Enfield, with the two large, non-league clubs sharing a bitter mutual hatred. However, Barnet won promotion to the league in 1991 and Enfield did not follow. They have since disbanded, and neither of Enfield's two new clubs, Enfield Town or Enfield 1893 has yet taken on "the bees" in a competitive fixture. Barnet's main rivalry now lies with Hertfordshire neighbours Stevenage, who over the last few years have been of a similar level to them.
  • West London derby – any between Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers. The clubs of Brentford, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers share longstanding rivalries with each other, although Queens Park Rangers and Fulham usually regard Chelsea as their major rivals. However, in more recent years and due to their success in the last 10-15 years, the West London rivalry has not been fully reciprocated by Chelsea fans, who typically regard Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Manchester City and Manchester United as more significant rivals.

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