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A London Fog

A London Fog is a hot tea-based drink believed[by whom?] to have been invented in Vancouver, Canada. The beverage is also known as the Vanilla Tea Misto[1], or the Earl Grey Tea Misto. It consists of Earl Grey tea, milk, and vanilla syrup.[2]


The London Fog was originally made in 2006 using Peppermint Tea. Variations on the London Fog include the Manchester Fog (with soy milk, instead of dairy milk, and sugar-free syrup) and the Seattle Fog (with soy milk, water, and both vanilla and hazelnut syrups).

Health effects[edit]

With the bergamot citrus in Earl Grey, London Fog contains antioxidants that might offer minor health benefits, although sugar and caffeine are also present.[3]

Sale and distribution[edit]

The sales of London Fog are mainly found in North American cities, or it is imported in countries outside of North America.[4][5]


London Fog can be made in a variety of different ways, but many of the core steps remain the same. Earl Grey Tea is added to hot water left to steep. Vanilla and sweetener are then added. Finally, frothed milk is added on top.[6] Some companies use a hint of lavender in their London Fog Tea Latte.[7]


The earl grey tea can be replaced with other teas to produce variations of the drink.[7] [8]

Earl Grey Replacement Variations
Matcha Green Tea Tokyo Fog/ Matcha Misto
Rooibos Cape Town Fog
Lavender Tea Victoria Fog
Irish Breakfast Tea Dublin Fog
Masala Chai Tea Bangalore Fog


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