2000 London mayoral election

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London mayoral election, 2000

4 May 2000 2004 →
  Ken Livingstone 2008.png Steven Norris.jpg
Candidate Ken Livingstone Steven Norris
Party Independent Conservative
1st Round vote 667,877 464,434
Percentage 39.0% 27.1%
2nd Round vote 776,427 564,137
Percentage 57.9% 42.1%

  Frank Dobson MP, crop.jpg Official portrait of Baroness Kramer crop 2.jpg
Candidate Frank Dobson Susan Kramer
Party Labour Liberal Democrat
1st Round vote 223,884 203,452
Percentage 13.1% 11.9%
2nd Round vote Eliminated Eliminated
Percentage Eliminated Eliminated

Mayor of London constituency results 2000.svg
First preference votes by London Assembly constituency. Blue constituencies are those with most first preference votes for Steven Norris and grey those for Ken Livingstone

Mayor before election

Position established

Elected Mayor

Ken Livingstone

City hall London at dawn (cropped).jpg
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The first election to the office of Mayor of London took place on 4 May 2000.


Mayor of London election 4 May 2000 [1]
Party Candidate 1st round 2nd round
 First round votes  Transfer votes 
Total Of round Transfers Total Of round
Independent Ken Livingstone 667,877 39.0% 108,540 776,417 57.9%
Conservative Steven Norris 464,434 27.1% 99,703 564,137 42.1%
Labour Frank Dobson 223,884 13.1%
Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer 203,452 11.9%
Christian Peoples Ram Gidoomal 43,060 2.4%
Green Darren Johnson 38,121 2.2%
BNP Michael Newland 33,569 2.0%
UKIP Damian Hockney 16,324 1.0%
Pro-Motorist Small Shop Geoffrey Ben-Nathan 9,956 0.6%
Independent Ashwin Tanna 9,015 0.5%
Natural Law Geoffrey Clements 5,470 0.3%
Independent win
  • Turnout: 1,752,303 (34.43%)
  • As the ballot papers are counted electronically, totals for all second preferences are available, even though some did not contribute to the final result.


Candidate selection[edit]



Steve Norris had lost the original selection ballot for Conservative candidate to Jeffrey Archer, but Archer stood down as a candidate when a newspaper printed a story accusing him of committing perjury during a 1987 libel trial [7](he was later convicted and imprisoned).[8]

First round
Candidate Votes %
Jeffrey Archer Green tickY 15,716
Steven Norris 6,350
Candidate Votes %
Steven Norris Green tickY 12,903
Andrew Boff 4,712



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