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Lone (Kashmiri: लोन (Devanagari), لون (Nastaleeq)) is a Kashmiri tribe in the Kashmir Valley of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The caste belongs to the Kshatria order.[1]

The Lone tribe is based mainly in northern Kashmir, although in the past few centuries there has been gradual diffusion of the tribe throughout the valley of Kashmir. However, now the tribe also is concentrated in the Kupwara district of the Kashmir valley.

In 1911 census, the total LONE population in the state of Jammu & Kashmir was, 51931. 8126 in Jammu division, 354 in Gilgit & Biltistan and the rest in Kashmir division .

Although the vast majority of the Lone tribe speak Kashmiri as their mother tongue, significant numbers speak Shina, especially those who live in the Gurez valley.

A significant number of Kashmiris of Lone tribe live in central and northern Punjab regions of Pakistan in cities such as Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat, Jhelum and Rawalpindi, in Punjab there has been a gradual tendency among kashmiri Muslim immigrants to use Butt as their surname which include people from Kashmiri Lone tribe too.

Sardar Awais ur rehman lone(qumar)from village Moji Leepa valley is the new chief of lone tribe. He is grandson of Rustam Khan Qumar.

Also there is a big family of 'LONES' that live in Reading UK. Some of their familiar names are Haseeb Lone, Tanvir Lone and Mohammed Lone. The Lones originally immigrated from Dina Pakistan.

There is a big family of Lones living in Worcester UK who migrated from Sahang Distt. Mirpur AJK. Haris Saleem Lone is the chairman of Muslim Welfare Association of Worcester which represents the whole Muslim community in the city. Shahid Ahmed Lone is a well known cricketer in the Worcester and Birmingham Leagues. Tanvir Lone, Ibrahim Lone, Arshad Hussain Lone, Jehangir Ahmed Lone and Asif Lone are the prominent members of the family. members of lone family are also dominant in giigit baltistan Pakistan having majority of individuals

Other notable Lones;

  • Abdul Rashid Lone ex chairman OGDC of Pakistan
  • Yasir Rashid Lone producer & Director Geo TV
  • Nazir ahmad lone(jrf-fellow csir iiim jammu)


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