Goose Lake, Alberta

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Goose Lake is located in Alberta
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Location of Goose Lake Alberta

Goose Lake, also known as Lone Pine, is a hamlet in northwest Alberta, Canada within Woodlands County.[1] It is located approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi) northeast of Highway 43 and 136 kilometres (85 mi) northwest of Edmonton.

Goose Lake is often referred to as Lone Pine due to the location of its former post office at the former Lone Pine Store, which was located near the intersection of Highway 658 and Township Road 614B—the road that provides access to the hamlet and the Goose Lake Campground.[2]

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Coordinates: 54°18′21″N 115°06′53″W / 54.30583°N 115.11472°W / 54.30583; -115.11472 (Goose Lake)