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Lone Star (1920 automobile)

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Lone Star
1920 Lone Star Beauty Four (4-30)
ManufacturerLone Star Motor Truck and Tractor Association
Also called1919-1921; Beauty Four and Beauty Six, 1922; Model 4-35
AssemblyLynchburg, Virginia
Body and chassis
Body styleTouring car
1921 Lone Star Advertising

The Lone Star was a passenger vehicle in production between 1919 and 1922. It was made by the Lone Star Motor Truck and Tractor Association, San Antonio, Texas.[1]


The Lone Star was available as the Beauty Four (Piedmont model 4-30) with a Lycoming engine or the Beauty Six (Piedmont Model 6-40) with a Continental engine. Both open and closed models were offered. The cars were manufactured for Lone Star by Piedmont Motor Car Company of Lynchburg, Virginia.[1][2]

Advertisements listed the 4-30 model for sale at $1,545 (equivalent to $23,498 in 2023).[2] Lone Star sales ended in 1922 when the Piedmont factory closed.[1]


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