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Lone Star College–Kingwood, until 2007 Kingwood College,[1] is a community college in the Kingwood section of Houston, Texas, United States.

Lone Star College–Kingwood is a part of the Lone Star College System. In addition to the standard two-year degrees, the college offers a number of specializing training programs including teaching, nursing, dental hygiene, respiratory care, occupational therapy and computing programs.

The college was established in 1984 with 1,168 students,[2][3] and serves approximately 7,000 credited students and 3,000 noncredited students each semester. It offers a wide selection of life enrichment and continuing education classes in addition to the education programs.

Keeping up with the changing times and changing needs of the community, the college offers classes at satellite location as well as online distance learning classes. Beyond standard education classes, the college offers a number of community-based programs including: dual credit programs for high school students; a Community Fitness Center available to students, faculty, and the community; Discovery College, a summer program for youth; as well as free small business development seminars.

Mark Schone of Spin wrote that in the Kingwood area LSC-Kingwood is known as a "13th grade" since so many people from the area go to the school there.[4]

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