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The Lonesome Dove series refers to a series of four western novels written by Larry McMurtry and the five television miniseries and two television series based upon them.


The novels and miniseries follow the exploits of several members of the Texas Ranger Division from the time of the Republic of Texas up until the beginning of the 20th century. Recurring characters include Augustus "Gus" McCrae, Woodrow F. Call, Joshua Deets, Pea Eye Parker, Jake Spoon, Clara Forsythe Allen, Maggie Tilton, Lorena Wood Parker, Blue Duck, and Buffalo Hump. The series is set within historical events and characters, although they are often adapted or altered to accommodate the fictional timelines of the main characters.


In order of publication
  1. Lonesome Dove (1985)
  2. Streets of Laredo (1993)
  3. Dead Man's Walk (1995)
  4. Comanche Moon (1997)
In order of internal chronology
  1. Dead Man's Walk – set in the early 1840s
  2. Comanche Moon – set in the 1850–60s
  3. Lonesome Dove – set in mid-to-late 1870s
  4. Streets of Laredo – set in the early 1890s

Television miniseries[edit]

  1. Lonesome Dove (miniseries) (1989)
  2. Return to Lonesome Dove (1993) – This miniseries is set a year after the events of Lonesome Dove. The story was written by John Wilder.[1][2] McMurtry was not involved in the production of this and he was not happy when CBS implied that he was a collaborator.[3]
  3. Streets of Laredo (miniseries) (1995)
  4. Dead Man's Walk (miniseries) (1996)
  5. Comanche Moon (miniseries) (2008)

Recurring characters[edit]

Actors for characters based on the chronology of the series. Note that Wes Studi played two roles, Famous Shoes in Streets of Laredo and Buffalo Hump in Comanche Moon.

Character Dead Man's Walk (1996) Comanche Moon (2008) Lonesome Dove (1989) Return to Lonesome Dove (1993) Streets of Laredo (1995)
Woodrow Call Jonny Lee Miller Karl Urban Tommy Lee Jones Jon Voight James Garner
Gus McCrae David Arquette Steve Zahn Robert Duvall - -
Clara Forsythe/Allen Jennifer Garner Linda Cardellini Anjelica Huston Barbara Hershey -
Maggie Tilton Gretchen Mol Elizabeth Banks - - -
Buffalo Hump Eric Schweig Wes Studi - - -
Pea Eye Parker - Troy Baker Timothy Scott Timothy Scott Sam Shepard
Joshua Deets - Keith Robinson Danny Glover - -
Blue Duck - Adam Beach Frederic Forrest - -
Jake Spoon - Ryan Merriman Robert Urich - -
Long Bill Coleman Ray McKinnon Ray McKinnon
Newt Dobbs - Joseph Castanon Ricky Schroder Ricky Schroder -
Charles Goodnight Chris Penn Jeremy Ratchford - - James Gammon
Lorena "Lorie" Wood - - Diane Lane - Sissy Spacek
Famous Shoes - David Midthunder - - Wes Studi
Kicking Wolf Jonathan Joss Jonathan Joss

Television series[edit]

  1. Lonesome Dove: The Series (1994–95)
  2. Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (1995–96)


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