Long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom

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The following long-distance footpaths can be found in the United Kingdom:

England and Wales: National Trails[edit]

National Trails are distinguished by being maintained by the National Trails organisation.[1] As of January 2015, there are sixteen such trails, one of which is not yet complete.

Ivinghoe Beacon (the eastern trailhead) seen looking north from The Ridgeway
The paved surface of the Pennine Way on Black Hill

Scotland: Long Distance Routes[edit]

Long Distance Routes were once proposed and financially supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, but administered and maintained by the local authority areas through which they pass. With the passing of the Land Reform Act Scotland, access rights largely no longer require to be negotiated and a further 20 Great Trails have now developed in Scotland.

Other UK long-distance paths[edit]

Those included here meet the definition of a long-distance path as being around 50 km (31 miles) or more, particularly that they will take more than one day's walking to complete. Some shorter paths linking between major walks (e.g. Maelor Way) are also included.




Northern Ireland[edit]

European walking routes[edit]

Several European walking routes pass through the United Kingdom. They all use sections of UK long-distance paths.

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