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Runners in the 2010 Marathon du Médoc

Some long-distance races involve alcohol during or after the event. Some such events could be likened to a pub crawl over an extended distance while others have the alcoholic drinks as a reward at the end of the race.

The Marathon du Médoc, held in Bordeaux every September, is a marathon through the vineyards of Médoc during which competitors sample 23 different wines as they go. It has been described as "the world's longest, booziest, race"[1] as well as "world's most idiotic marathon".[2]

The Harpoon 5-Miler (8.0 km) is an annual charity event organised by the Harpoon Brewery in aid of The Angel Fund and ALS research. The event features 5,000 runners who attend a party at the brewery at the end of the race.[3]

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