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Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Carphodactylidae
Genus: Orraya
Couper, Covacevich,
C. Schneider & C. Hoskin, 2000
O. occultus
Binomial name
Orraya occultus
(Couper, Covacevich & Moritz, 1993)
  • Saltuarius occultus
    Couper, Covacevich & Moritz, 1993
  • Orraya occultus
    — Couper, Covacevich, C. Schneider & C. Hoskin, 2000

Orraya is a monotypic genus of lizard in the family Carphodactylidae. The genus contains the sole species Orraya occultus, also known commonly as the McIlwraith leaf-tailed gecko or the long-necked northern leaf-tailed gecko. The species is endemic to Australia.[2]

Geographic range[edit]

O. occultus is restricted to higher elevations in the McIlwraith Range in northeastern Queensland.[3]


The preferred natural habitat of O. occultus is forest, at altitudes of 500–825 m (1,640–2,707 ft).[1]


O. occultus may attain a snout-to-vent length (SVL) of almost 11 cm (4.3 in). It is moderately spinose, and has a very long, thin neck.[2]


O. occultus is oviparous.[2]


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