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Long is a surname and may refer to various people.

The Longs in Ireland got their names from a number of different origins. Some are of English, Scottish and Norman descent. The Norman de Long and le Lung arrived in the 11th century with the Anglo-Norman conquest in 1066 AD and established in numerous locations. A number of Irish Gaelic septs of O'Longain and O'Longaig contributed to the origin of the name. One sept was located in County Armagh, but the greater numbers were in County Cork at Cannovee and also at Moviddy. The Longs lost all their lands in the upheavals of the 17th century. The name is found in its greatest numbers in Munster, County Cork being most favored. The line of direct descent from the last elected chieftain to the present day is unbroken — the official title is styled "O'Long of Carrenelongy". The Irish origin also comes from "Lonklin" from county Tipperary and Dublin.

A more uncommon origin of the name originates from Scandinavia, More specifically, Sweden. The names Långbäck and Langbekk arrived in the 13th century in Sweden near the border of Norway. Not to be confused with the town Långbäck Långbäck did originate there. Around the Swedish emigration to the United States the name was anglicised from Långbäck to Longback, Long and Longbrook.

For the specific American political dynasty, see Long family.

For the specific English political dynasty, see Category:Long family of Wiltshire.

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  • Barry Long (1926–2003), Australian spiritualist
  • Brad Long, Canadian celebrity chef
  • Clarence Hailey Long (1910–1978), Texas rancher, famous as original Marlboro Man
  • Gregory Long (born 1946), eighth president and CEO of the New York Botanical Garden
  • Lazarus Long, fictional character of the science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein
  • Reub Long (1898–1974), Oregon rancher and author
  • Zelma Long, American enologist and winemaker

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