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Long Beach or Longbeach may refer to:



North America[edit]


United States[edit]



New Zealand[edit]

Ships of the United States Navy[edit]

  • USS Long Beach (AK-8), a German cargo ship seized in 1917, in use until 1921, and sold the following year
  • USS Long Beach (CGN-9), the first nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser, serving from 1961 to 1995
  • USS Long Beach (PF-34), a patrol frigate in use from 1943 to 1945, loaned to the Russian Navy and then in 1962 to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force as Shii (PF-17)

Other uses[edit]

  • Grand Prix of Long Beach, an auto race in Long Beach, California first held in 1975
  • Longbeach (cigarette), a brand of cigarettes in Australia
  • "Long Beach Iced Tea", a variation of Long Island Iced Tea which substitutes cranberry juice instead of sours mix; named because of the cranberry bogs near Long Beach Island, New Jersey