Long Beach Police Department (California)

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Long Beach Police Department
Abbreviation LBPD
Long Beach, CA Police.jpg
Long Beach PD Patch
Long beach police logo.jpg
Long Beach PD Logo
Long Beach PD Badge
Flag of Long Beach, California.png
Flag of Long Beach
Agency overview
Formed 1888
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* City of Long Beach in the state of California, United States
Size 51.44 sq mi
Population 469,468
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters 400 W. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802
Officers 792 and a reserve corp. of both other professionals and some retired officers.
Agency executive Robert Luna, Chief of Police
Stations 4
Boats 3
Helicopters 2
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Long Beach Police Department provides law enforcement for the city of Long Beach, California, USA.


The Long Beach Police Department was founded January 30, 1888, on the day twenty-four-year-old Horatio Davies was elected as the city's first city marshal.

From January 1888 to January 1908, the city elected eight different men to serve as city marshal until the city council adopted Ordinance Number 3, New Series, doing away with the office of city marshal and allowing for the appointment of a chief of police. Thomas W. Williams was the first Long Beach chief of police.[1]

The current Chief of Police is Robert Luna. Chief Luna was sworn in as the police chief of Long Beach on November 11, 2014, replacing Jim McDonnell, who was elected as Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Rank structure[edit]

Rank Insignia
Chief 4 Gold Stars.svg
Deputy Chief 2 Gold Stars.svg
Commander 1 Gold Star.svg
Lieutenant US-O1 insignia.svg
Sergeant SCSO Sergeant.png
Corporal LAPD Police Officer-3.jpg
Police Officer

Fallen officers[edit]

Since the establishment of the Long Beach Police Department, 28 officers have died while on duty.[2][3]

Officer Date of Death Details
Thomas C. Borden[4] Sunday, March 17, 1912 Gunfire
J. R. Wilkinson[5] Wednesday, January 17, 1923 Heart attack
Orlando E. Bridgeman[6] Wednesday, March 21, 1923 Gunfire (Accidental)
Robert H. Halstead[7] Saturday, March 6, 1926 Struck by train
George A. Walls[8] Sunday, November 18, 1928 Motorcycle accident
Ralph A. Morgan[9] Monday, July 13, 1931 Gunfire
William L. MacLean[10] Wednesday, December 12, 1934 Gunfire
Delbert P. Buckman[11] Tuesday, February 13, 1940 Vehicular assault
Engebrit Larson[12] Wednesday, February 25, 1942 Automobile accident
Harold W. Irwin[13] Tuesday, March 20, 1945 Motorcycle accident
Cecil W. Singer[14] Sunday, November 18, 1945 Motorcycle accident
Marlin L. Evans[15] Sunday, July 17, 1949 Gunfire
Jesse M. Ream[16] Tuesday, February 28, 1950 Motorcycle accident
Robert H. Morgan[17] Thursday, November 2, 1950 Motorcycle accident
Frederick W. Walsh Jr.[18] Sunday, January 20, 1957 Vehicle pursuit
Vernon J. Owings[19] Friday, June 24, 1960 Gunfire
Richard R. LeFebvre[20] Sunday, August 15, 1965 Gunfire (Accidental)
Robert G. Smith[21] Sunday, December 12, 1965 Vehicle pursuit
Donald V. Knott[22] Saturday, August 26, 1967 Gunfire
William L. Isham[23] Saturday, August 26, 1967 Gunfire
Robert R. Birdsall[24] Monday, September 15, 1975 Gunfire
Franke Neal Lewis[25] Saturday, December 13, 1975 Gunfire
Gary Orville Elkins[26] Thursday, January 1, 1976 Gunfire
Lloyd Marland Lund[27] Friday, October 30, 1981 Motorcycle accident
Philip J. Stabile[28] Friday, January 26, 1990 Assault
Karl Duane Simons[29] Sunday, October 13, 1996 Automobile accident
Daryle Wayne Black[30] Sunday, April 30, 2000 Gunfire
Edward Roy Davenport[31] Tuesday, April 4, 2003 Fall

3 Patrol Divisions[edit]

The North Division has approximately 110 police officers and a dedicated civilian support staff. The current building was constructed in 2004. The building houses a rooftop 40-kilowatt solar power system and has the potential to supply 85% of needed power. The North Division business desk is staffed Tuesday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and provides a variety of services.

The East Division Station opened in February 2016 and houses the East Patrol Division and Juvenile Investigations Section operations. East Division police officers provide law enforcement services to approximately 170,000 residents. Measured at 24 square miles, the East Division is the largest geographical patrol division of the police department and comprises approximately 46 percent of the city. It is bounded by Del Amo Boulevard to the north; the Pacific Ocean shoreline to the south; Orange County cities to the east; and, Cherry Avenue and the City of Signal Hill to the west. The East Division is home to the Long Beach Airport, California State University, Long Beach, the East Anaheim Street Corridor, Long Beach Towne Center, Belmont Shore, 4th Street "Retro Row" and a number of historic and idyllic neighborhoods and parks, including Naples Islands, Belmont Heights, Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens, Bixby Park, Rose Park, and El Dorado Regional Park and Nature Center.

The West Patrol Division is almost 13 square miles and includes the Port of Long Beach, the area west of the 710 Freeway and a large portion of Central Long Beach. The 136 sworn and three civilian employees serve almost 100,000 people. Officers respond to over 40,000 dispatches each year. The West Patrol Substation opened in late 1997. The substation's presence in the area has improved community access to police. For the convenience of our community, each divisional station provides information and limited police reporting services.

Field Support Division[edit]

Field Support is the largest and most diverse division in the Patrol Bureau, consisting of over 200 sworn and civilian personnel. The Division is organized into the Traffic Section, the Event Planning and Management Section, and the Special Enforcement Section. The Special Enforcement Section also includes several specialized tactical support teams.[32]


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