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Not to be confused with Long Cay.

Long Caye is a privately owned island 40 miles (64 km) off the coast of Belize. The Caye (comes from Key and is pronounced similarly) is only 8 miles away from the Great Blue Hole and is located in the Lighthouse Reef atoll.

A popular SCUBA diving area and natural preservation area, tourists enjoy booby bird rookery, pristine coral reef diving and jungle island eco-systems. The Blue Hole is one of the world's most popular dive sites, and draws eager divers from resorts all over Belize - the resorts on Long Caye are minutes away by boat, compared to hours from any other resort in the country.

Some of the atoll's best dive sites are found just off Long Caye's western shore, along the famous Long Caye Wall. Well-known dive sites here include The Aquarium, Tres Cocos, and Quebrada. Development on the island has been very limited. Besides a handful of cabins built by private owners, the island is home to the all-inclusive, and eco-friendly Itza Lodge Itza Lodge, as well as Huracan Diving Lodge, which is the island's only dive shop / with accommoation and a 5 star tripadvisor rating. Huracan Diving


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Coordinates: 17°12′25″N 87°35′40″W / 17.20694°N 87.59444°W / 17.20694; -87.59444