Long Guang

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Long Guang
City Harbin
Broadcast area Heilongjiang
Branding Long Guang
Frequency (see below)
Format various formats
Callsign meaning The character "龙" (long) looks like "H" for Heilongjiang
Owner Heilongjiang Renmin Guangbo Dian Tai
Website http://www.hljradio.com/

Long Guang (Chinese: 龙广 Pinyin: Lóngguǎng), which stands for Dragon Broadcast, is the radio station group that was once the Harbin Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai (Chinese: 黑龙江人民广播电台 (Pinyin: Hēilóngjiāng Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái) Korean:흑룡강인민방송), translated as Harbin People's Broadcasting Station, which consists of several radio stations broadcasting from Harbin and the greater Heilongjiang Province area. (Evidence of Harbin Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai is in the BBS of this radio station).

Online at Long Guang Zai Xian Wang[edit]

The radio station represented by the Harbin Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai is call Long Guang Zai Xian Wang (Chinese: 龙广在闲网 Pinyin: Lóngguǎng Zàixián Wǎng). In Chinese, "zai xian" stands for "online". The website contains information about the terrestrial radio stations in Harbin and a bulletin board for listener feedback. It is associated with Long Bei Jing through the Heilongjiang Radio & TV Group. The facilities are located in Heilongjiang Television and Radio Broadcast Center in the Long Ta (Dragon Tower).

Long Guang Xinwen Wang - News Radio[edit]

Long Guang Xinwen Wang (Chinese: 龙广新闻网 Pinyin: Lóngguǎng Xīnwén Wǎng) is the news broadcast of the Harbin Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai group, which broadcasts at 94.6 FM and 621 AM.

List of Harbin Radio Stations[edit]

Harbin Stations
Frequency Description
94.6 FM and 621 AM Long Guang Xinwen Wang - News Radio (link: http://am621.hljradio.com/)
99.8 FM Long Guang Jiaotong Guangbo - Traffic Radio (http://www.fm998.com.cn)
104.5 FM Long Guang Shenghuo Guangbo - Life Radio (link: http://www.1045.net)
102.1 FM Long Guang Du Shi Nu Xing - Metro Women's Radio (link: http://www.fm1021.net)
95.8 FM Long Guang Yinyue Guangbo - Music Radio (link: http://www.fm958.com)
97.0 FM Long Guang Jiu Qi Ping Dao - Channel 97 (link: http://www.fm97.cn)
873 AM Long Guang Chao Yu Guangbo - Korean Language Broadcast/흑룡강조선어방송국 (link: http://www.873k.com)

Long Guang also operates a station in Sanya in Hainan, Sanya Diantai Tianya zhi Sheng (Sanya Radio, Voice of Tianya; also known as "Sunny Radio"), on 104.6 FM (link: http://www.hljradio.com/ty/).


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