Long Island (Alaska)

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Long Island lies east of Dall Island and forms part of the western boundary of Cordova Bay. US Coast Survey chart detail

Long Island is an island in the Alexander Archipelago of southeastern Alaska, United States. It lies across the Kaigani Strait from the southern portion of Dall Island and west of the southern part of Prince of Wales Island. Directly to its north is Sukkwan Island. Long Island forms part of the western boundary of Cordova Bay, and has a land area of 116.136 km² (44.84 sq mi) and was unpopulated at the 2000 census.[1]

Long Island was the site of the Kaigani Haida village of Howkan, which may originally have been a winter residence. During the 19th century it was cited variously as having 300-500 residents.[2]


Coordinates: 54°52′16″N 132°43′07″W / 54.87111°N 132.71861°W / 54.87111; -132.71861