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Long Islander News is a local news organization that covers the town of Huntington, New York. The organization's flagship newspaper, The Long-Islander, was founded by American poet Walt Whitman in 1838. It is the oldest continuously-published community newspaper on Long Island.

Currently, Long Islander News publishes The Long-Islander and Huntington Weekly newspapers:

Defunct publications:


The flagship newspaper, The Long-Islander is available via subscription, and can be purchased in local stores. Circulation of The Long-Islander exceeds 7,000.

In 2016, the company launched Huntington Weekly, bringing readers more lifestyle and entertainment feature stories, and adding an additional 7,000 in circulation. [2]

Long Islander Newspapers' company office is located on Wall Street in Huntington village.

Before his recent departure, James Vincent Kelly III, director of sales and marketing, helped lead the organization to unprecedented sales volume, a complete web redesign, and established a strong digital presence on social media during his three-year long leadership tenure.

Jamie Austin, former director of online business solutions for Protravel, joined the company in 2016 as chief operating officer.