Long John (doughnut)

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Chocolate Bar
Type Doughnut
Main ingredients Dough, glaze or icing
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The Long John is a bar-shaped, yeast risen, filled[1] doughnut often embellished with glaze or icing. In some parts of the United States[which?], unfilled bar doughnuts are called long johns and their filled counterparts are called éclairs. In other parts of the United States[which?], Long Johns are marketed as éclairs; the two pastries look similar but are created with different types of dough and fillings.

A Bismark is a filled round doughnut.

Other names[edit]

A Maple bar style Long John topped with bacon from Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Oregon, USA

On the American west coast, a Long John topped with maple-flavored icing is colloquially known as a Maple bar.

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