Long Lellang

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Long Lellang
Long Lellang is located in Borneo
Long Lellang
Long Lellang
Coordinates: 3°27′32″N 115°10′53″E / 3.45882°N 115.18149°E / 3.45882; 115.18149Coordinates: 3°27′32″N 115°10′53″E / 3.45882°N 115.18149°E / 3.45882; 115.18149
Country Malaysia
State Sarawak
671 m (2,201 ft)

Long Lellang (also known as Long Lelang) is a small village in the Kelabit highlands of Sarawak, Malaysia.[1] It lies approximately 578 kilometres (359 mi) east-north-east of the state capital Kuching.

The village is predominantly populated by the Kelabit tribe, though a number of Penan people also live there. All the surrounding villages near Long Lellang are Penan villages. The village has shops and a church, and over 100 students are enrolled at the village school, SRK Long Lellang.[2]

The population of Long Lellang is about 100 families.

Long Lellang Airport is a STOL airfield, providing access to this remote village.[3] An aerial view of the village as it was before the new airstrip and terminal building were constructed is viewable on the Aviation Forum.[4]

Neighbouring settlements include:

It takes between four and six days to travel on foot from Long Lellang to Bario, the main settlement in the Kelabit highlands.[2]


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