Long Live Rock

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"Long Live Rock"
Long Live Rock cover.jpg
Single by The Who
from the album Odds & Sods
  • 28 September 1974 (album)
  • 1 April 1979 (UK single)
  • June 1979 (US single)
GenreHard rock
LabelPolydor 2121 383 (UK)
Songwriter(s)Pete Townshend
Producer(s)The Who
The Who UK singles chronology
"Who Are You" / "Had Enough"
"Long Live Rock"
The Who US singles chronology
"Trick of the Light"
"Long Live Rock"

"Long Live Rock" is a single by The Who, written by Pete Townshend during 1971. It was not included on the Who's Next album, as it wasn't recorded until 1972. It was later performed by Billy Fury's character in the film That'll Be the Day featuring Keith Moon. The original Who recording of the song was later released on the rarities album Odds & Sods (1974), as well as being released as a single in 1979.[1]


"Long Live Rock" was to have been included Rock Is Dead—Long Live Rock!, a 1972 Who album which was also to have had an accompanying television special, before the album was shelved.[2][3] Pete Townshend said of the song:

Well there are dozens of these self conscious hymns to the last fifteen years appearing now and here's another one. This was featured briefly in the film for which Keith made his acting debut, That'll Be The Day. Billy Fury sang it. This is most definitely the definitive version. I had an idea once for a new album about the history of The Who called Rock Is Dead—Long Live Rock!. That idea later blossomed into Quadrophenia.[3]

The lyrics of the song describe a concert at the Rainbow Theatre.[4]


Following its appearance on Odds & Sods, the song saw a 1974 single release in Israel, Italy (where it was backed with "Pure and Easy") and Japan (where it was backed with "Put the Money Down").[3] "Long Live Rock" also was featured during the credits of seminal 1979 Who documentary, The Kids Are Alright. Following this appearance, the song was released as a single in Britain, America, and many other countries. The single reached number 48 in Britain, as well as number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 66 on the Cashbox charts.[2][3]

A live version recorded by The Who at the BBC was released on their album BBC Sessions.


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