Long Live the Sullied

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Long Live the Sullied
First edition
AuthorGaurav Sharma
GenreFiction, Historical fiction
PublishedThink Tank Books
Publication date
January 2020
Media typeBook
Pages236 pages

Long Live the Sullied is a historical (mythological) novel written by Gaurav Sharma.[1][2] It is the sequel to God of the Sullied and concludes The Sullied Warrior Duology.[3] The book is narrated in a point-of-view manner where central characters from God of the Sullied tell their story using back stories and sweeps. The novel focuses mostly on characters like Maha-Purohit, Pundir and Acharya Virbhadra.[4]


The first edition of Long Live the Sullied was published in January 2020 by Think Tank Books, a Delhi-based publishing house. Hindi translation of the book by the author came out in September 2020 as Mahanayak Eklavya.


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