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The Long March was a massive military retreat undertaken in 1934 by the Red Armies of the Communist Party of China.

Long March may also refer to:

Military actions and prisoner of war marches[edit]

  • Long Walk of the Navajo, the 1864 forced march of the Navajo people from their homelands in Arizona and New Mexico to an internment camp at Fort Sumner in New Mexico
  • Little Long March, the failed retreat in 1927 by Left-KMT Northern Expedition troops from Nanchang to Guangzhou
  • Partisan Long March, the military retreat of the Yugoslav Partisans across Bosnia in 1942
  • The March (1945), also known as the Long March, westward marches by groups of Allied POWs from German camps during the final stages of World War II in Europe
  • 2014 retreat from Western Bahr el Ghazal, also called the "long march north", an unorganized withdrawal of Sudan People's Liberation Army deserters during the South Sudanese Civil War





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