Long Time Dead (Torchwood)

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Long time Dead
Long time Dead.jpg
Author Sarah Pinborough
Language English
Series Torchwood
Genre Science Fiction
Published August 2011
Pages 256
ISBN 978-1-84990-284-7
Preceded by First Born
Followed by The Men who Sold the World

Long Time Dead is a Torchwood tie-in novel by author Sarah Pinborough. It is the second of three prequels to Torchwood: Miracle Day, the final Torchwood TV series. It is published by BBC Books.

Pinborough says that she wrote for Torchwood because she was invited to do so. She also explains that as a TV tie-in, the novel is very dialogue-based which helped her in constructing it.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

DCI Tom Cutler and the now Sergeant Andy Davidson return to investigate a series of deaths around the apparently defunct Torchwood Institute. It also features the return of Suzie Costello who misused the Resurrection Gauntlet in the first season.


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