Long Valley, Hong Kong

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Long Valley, Hong Kong

Long Valley (Chinese: 塱原) is a wetland in the Sheung Shui of the New Territories in Hong Kong. The wetland was originally formed by the rice paddies between Shek Sheung River and Sheung Yue River.

The place became notable in Hong Kong when Lok Ma Chau Spur Line of KCR was decided to build across the wetland. It was aroused much concern from environmental group that the construction affects the habitats of the wetland. Several methods including flyover and tunnel has been discussed. The land owners criticised the environmental groups damaging their interests.

Long Valley became notable in Hong Kong when the KCR proposed building the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line across this, the last and largest agricultural wetland in Hong Kong. This proposal aroused great concern from environmental groups and others that the construction would greatly affect the habitats of the wetland, including waterfowl, water levels, etc. Several methods thereafter proposed included a flyover or a tunnel under the wetland. It was finally decided to tunnel under the wetland at great cost.

During the process of public discussion private land owners strongly criticised environmental groups because land owners feared a damage to their interests. Local farmers and tenants, however, feared for the loss of their own means of income and lifestyle, even though they are an aging group of farmers.[citation needed]

Subsequent to the revised proposal several key projects were initiated to improve the quality of Long Valley. Among these The Conservancy Association (www.conservancy.org.hk) began a sustainable development project that would unify social, economic and environmental concerns. These included helping farmers shift from traditional farming practices to organic farming, organizing ecotours to educate the public about Long Valley and restoring abandoned lands to various types of wetlands.

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