Long steam tricycle

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Long steam tricycle
Patent drawing dated July 10, 1883
ManufacturerGeorge A. Long
Productionc. 1880
ClassSteam tricycle
EngineGasoline-fired steam, 2-cylinder, 90-degree, V-twin engine
Bore / strokeUnk.×1 5/8"
TransmissionTwo speed, rear-wheel drive via quasi friction drive
Frame typeSteel tubular
SuspensionSolid; full-elliptic springs suspending independent, height adjustable seats
BrakesSpoon brake (front)
TiresFront: 2×36 in (910 mm)
Rear: 60 in (1,500 mm)
Solid tires on spoked wheels
Weight350 lb (160 kg) (wet)

The Long steam tricycle appears to be one of the earliest preserved examples of a steam tricycle, built by George A. Long around 1880 and patented in 1883.[1][2][3] One example was built, which after some years of use was dismantled and the parts dispersed. In 1946, one John H. Bateman, with assistance from the 96-year-old Long, reassembled the machine, which is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution.[3] The example at the Smithsonian has been noted as the "oldest completely operable self-propelled road vehicle in the museum".[4]

In 2004–2010, the item was displayed at Blackhawk Museum in northern California.[5][6]


Specifications in the infobox to the right are from the Smithsonian Institution America on the Move collection.[3][7]

Steering the two front wheels was accomplished via two independent tillers which would have made simultaneous steering and control of the brake levers difficult for a single individual.[3]

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