Longford, Warrington

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Longford is a neighbourhood that sits just to the North of Howley and Fairfield and the area to the east of the A49 Winwick road. It is served by services 20 and 21 which have a combined frequency of every 5 minutes and operate as a circular route between Warrington Town Centre, Longford and Orford. In 2011 the Longford roundabout was removed and a new traffic light controlled crossroads junction took its place.


There are three councillors. All councillors for this area are representatives of the Labour Party.



  • Total Population: 8,012 residents
  • Male:Female ratio: 55.5%:44.5%
  • Average age of population: 31 years

Ethnicity Breakdown[edit]

  • 96% White
  • 2% Mixed
  • 1% Asian
  • 1% Black

Housing and Social situation[edit]

Housing Situation[edit]

  • Housing Situation
    • Owned 32%
    • Mortgage 39.6%
    • Shared 0.7%
    • Social Rented (Council) 7.2%
    • Social Rented (Housing Assoc) 8.4%
    • Private Rented 10.2%
    • Other 1%
    • Rent Free 0.8%


  • In 2011/2012 The area ranked in the four per cent most deprived in the UK and 2nd most deprived in Warrington, is undergoing a major regeneration project.
  • A regeneration project in Longford and Orford seen ‘castle walls’ rebuilt.
  • Winter/Spring 2013: The Police have reported there has been a 30% reduction in crime on the area.
  • Love Longford ‘The Big Tidy Up’ - A good turn out was welcomed at the Longford Cafe for the Big Tidy Up events in August.

Parks and recreation[edit]

The local park is named Poole Park, and is off Winwick road.

Employment and Education[edit]


  • 70.1% are employed.
  • 4.4% are unemployed.
  • 2.2% are students.
  • 23.3% are classed as "economically inactive".


  • 25.5% have No Qualifications whatsoever.
  • 38.6% have only level 1 or 2 qualifications.
  • 18.3% have level 3 or higher.